• How alcohol affects your appearance

    How alcohol affects your appearance

    Alcohol is everywhere you go, so it can be hard to resist! Things are even more interesting when we know that red wine protects our teeth from cavities and that one glass of whiskey is good for our appetite. Basically glass of some alcohol drink has some positive effect on you. Maybe that is true, but drinking only one glass of some alcohol drink can be hard, especially if you are a young person! Your friends will make a social pressure on you, so you will drink more every time you go out.

    We all know, if we drink too much alcohol, we can get serious health problems, and we will become an alcoholic! But there is one more drawback of alcohol! It has a negative effect on your looks as well! Alcohol can cause dehydration and expanding your blood vessels.

    This will cause swelling of the skin around your eyes. As the result of this, it will make your eyes look swollen! This doesn’t end here! Your skin is the most affected part of your body! Even your care routines for the skin are neglected after a whole night of drinking. Because of these reasons, your skin looks much older, so as you!

    Alcohol is bad for your diet! One study has shown that only two glasses of some alcohol drink can increase appetite. At that time you will likely ignore your diet rules and eat almost anything! This will have a negative effect on your weight! In the morning your pH balance will be out of balance. That’s why you need salty and fatty food for your breakfast, your body is trying to restore a balance. When we add sleeping problems, due to drinking alcohol, your diet is in danger!


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