•   European skin care secrets

    European skin care secrets

    The skin of the European people have been fancied by many people for being very soft, supple, clear and which is enough to entice everyone's eyes. The cold weather conditions in the European nations are definitely harsh on the skin leading to drying, skin reddening, etc. However, proper moisturizing and hydration regime is followed by all the people there to maintain their face oil equilibrium. Be it Belgium or France, or the Netherlands, the skin care techniques are more or less similar due to which even  aging has no big impact on their skin.

    Skin conditioning with oil

    • The European people focus on caring for each and every body part, even the smallest details on the face. The skin around the eyes which is delicate and is subjected to a higher risk of dehydration, is made soft and supple with the help of oils like almond oil.
    • The olive oil is also used to massage on the skin to keep it nourished and supple. This also helps remove any kind of redness or patchiness on the skin. Some of these oils are also used as hair mask as a measure of protection of the skin on the scalp.
    • Mink oil is another very penetrating oil which are used by them, these are very effective for removing wrinkles and skin aging signs which are European skin secrets which have become open now for the benefit of people around the world. These promising oils offer the glamour to the skin of the Europeans in the dry winters.


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