• A brief note on fashion accessories

    A brief note on fashion accessories

    It is a very common notion that fashion includes only clothing. Even though clothing is a major component of fashion, it cannot be termed as complete without proper accessories. Technically, a fashion accessory can be defined as a secondary item the wearer carries to have a compliment the look of the outfit he or she is wearing. The term was coined in the late 19th century. However, the use of accessories had been practiced since ancient times in the form of fans, hair ties and many more.

    The fashion accessories had held a specific status symbol since the early ages. The various accessories like fan, gloves, etc. how the feminine society had experienced the forms of class and race during the Victorian age. These elements indicated how posh and leisurely lifestyle, a woman leads. Some of them like gloves were also used a form of concealment towards hard working hands along with the functional uses of protection against the cold. Some of the accessories defined the status of an individual in a society like badges of various natures. They defined the strata of the society where an individual resides.

    The most general categories of fashion accessories include two types. One is those accessories, which are worn, and the other ones are those, which are carried. The most common form if wearing accessories include shoes, hats, gloves, jewelry, scarves, gloves, stockings, watches and the list is endless. The carry off fashion accessories includes handbags & fans, umbrellas & parasols, and many more.


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